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Frequently Asked Questions


Is tracktl free ?

Yes. It is completely free and there are no ads between your songs so that you can enjoy completely your trackparties !


Is Tracktl a mobile application ?

You already can find Tracktl on iOS devices and it will be soon on Android and Windows Phone, but you can also use the webapp and join a trackparty typing the URL in your browser

What do I need to use ?

Honnestly, nearly nothing ! The mobile app or a connection to the web, some friends, and a bit of inspiration, that’s all. And if you want to add some excitment to the party, a screen.

How do I throw my own party ?

Go on, click on the big green button and then follow the steps, you will be host and can invite your friends giving them only the URL of your party or sharing it on the social networks ! (Good to know, if you join your own party through the URL you won’t be host anymore)


Why I have to use social networks to log in ?

The reason is simple ! It’s in order to have more fun: When you join a trackparty through social networks, other can see your picture and see what song you want to play. Tracktl doesn’t use your data and doesn’t allow the different social networks to post on your profile for you. And if you aren’t really convinced, you can also create an account with an e-mail adress, a password and a confirmation.


Do I need to have songs on my devices ?

But it’s not a problem with Tracktl because you can add songs from the entire library of Soundcloud or Grooveshark.

Can I use my phone normally even if I want to be active on the trackparty ?

Well, you can join the party, add some songs, vote for some others, and close the app show other stuffs to your friends or to enjoy the party.

Yesterday’s trackparty was awesome ! Can I download the tracklist or play it again ?

Good ! You can find all the songs played during this epic trackparty in the history and add them again. For the download, we’re afraid that you’ll have to do that one by one.

What is that you call “screen mode” ?

The screen mode is a feature that allows the trackparty to fit a screen with all the important information (name of the party, party wall, photos, votes…) underlined. From this screen mode, you can’t interact on the tracklist, you’ll have to go on the normal mode.

Can I vote for my own songs ?

We know… autolikes on Facebook have not a good reputation. But I mean… you really want to dance on this specific song no ? Come on… you can do it !


I think it doesn’t work, my friends can’t hear what is in my trackparty !

Well, with Tracktl, there is a host who can play songs and manage the trackparty and there are guests that can add songs and vote (but not play music) and like in most of the parties I know, you need to be in the same place… The webradio mode is also a feature, that we are working on, stay tunned !


Some songs are skipping. Why that ?

There are two cases: Maybe that your tastes aren’t linked to those of the host of the party and this little joker is deleting your songs one by one or sometimes it happens that the song has no more reference in the library of our providers

I can’t find my song in the search…

Maybe that you’re a really hipster and that the song you’re looking for is too post-modern for our providers or maybe that you know it from another providers than ours and you’ll have soon access to them

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Collaborative Playlist

Everybody can add and vote
for his favorite tracks

Live Feed

Share messages and pictures
on the live feed

Display on screens

Live interactions and the playlist
are displayed on screens

Millions of Tracks

Libraries from Deezer, Grooveshark and Soundcloud for an unlimited choice


Customise your playlist so that
it fits the colors of your event

Social Impact

Share it online and make the life of
your events last longer

For every event

A Customisable Service

A Fun Animation


A Tailor-Made Playlist

Get your Community Involved

A service fully designed with the colors of your event or your brand

Give your guests a new interactive experiment and boost the cohesion during your events

Your guests are showcased on the screens during your biggest events

Guests choose their type of music and become the actors of your events

Boost the commitment of your users around your event or your brand

They Trust Us

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